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A Comprehensive Guide to Fencing Your Pool
May 4, 2017

Spring may be here, but before you know it summer will be strolling in. Don’t spend the whole summer working on maintenance around your pool, jump on it now so you can enjoy the sunshine and good times.

When you start thinking about getting your pool ready for summer consider all there is to know about fencing around your pool.

Check Your Bylaws

If you didn’t already know, your province or city will have certain bylaws and restrictions on fencing around your pool. For example, in the 2014 Pool Design Guidelines as per the ministry of British Columbia, required for the outside of every pool fence to have a recommended height of 5ft high, circling around the perimeter of the pool area. While solid barriers such as brick or concrete could be considered in lieu of a fence, hedges or plants were not considered a valid fencing option.

Check your bylaws beforehand to ensure you are building a proper fence. For full details click here.

Fencing That Works

One of the major goals of fencing around a pool is safety. Safety to keep out pets, to keep small children out and to deter unwanted guests, like wildlife.

Taking into consideration how to maximize safety and keep out people, pets and wildlife, makes you think twice about what kind of fencing you plan to use. According to the 2014, BC Guidelines for pool design “fences or other controlled-access barriers around pools are required to restrict access, minimize contamination of water by foreign materials, and reduce the risk of drowning, especially for young children.”

First things first, make sure your pool is enclosed completely. Pets wander and so do small children, if you have gaps or wide holes in your fence, there is a greater chance something or someone will get through and into the pool. Think about it this way, if your toddler’s toys can slip through the bars of your fence, there is a chance they will follow to retrieve a lost toy.

Fencing that works in this case, wooden fences with no gaps, or metal fences surrounded by hedges. Hedges or shrubs are a great way to act as a double defence when deterring animals and children from the area. Plus they are a great way to add a bit of privacy!


Make sure your pool entry has a latch or lock system. Self-closing and latching fence doors are the best way to ensure safety in the pool area. The simple addition of a latch or lock, allows you to have the security that a small child won’t be able to get in unsupervised. From wood to metal to glass, each fence can come equipped with a latch or lock system to ensure safety for your pool deck.

When thinking about updating your pool area, consider your bylaws, your fence options and finally take precautions to maximize safety. We have great options for fences, from metal gated to cedar and chain link, call us for a quote today!  

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