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5 Telling Signs That It’s Time to Replace Your Fence
May 17, 2017

When looking into your yard, if you notice that the grass and the trees are green as can be, your garden is starting to sprout and everything is coming to life, except for your fence, it may be time for an upgrade.

A faulty fence can be esthetically unpleasing as well as cause rotting, invite unwelcome bugs, allow for access for undesirable animals and a create a risk of your animals getting out.

If your fence is starting to look worn out, it may be time for an upgrade. Here are five signs that your fence needs some tender loving care.

Structure is collapsing

Like all things, if the structure is broken, chances are the rest will fall. If you are noticing that your fence’s structure is starting to collapse, it is time for an update. Not only for the look of your fence, but for safety. If your fence’s purpose is to protect your yard from unwelcome guests or to keep small children in eyes reach, a structure that is faulty can cause some serious issues.

Broken or missing boards

If you can see through your fence because boards are broken or missing, it’s not much help keeping things out or providing privacy. If there is no rotting boards around it, you can simply replace broken or missing boards, but in all other cases, it’s time to take action.

Wood decay

Climate plays a big factor in wear and tear of your fence. When your fence gets to the point where the weather has caused it to rot, you will notice a weakening in your fence, as well as more consistent broken boards and structure collapse. In some cases, you can replace individual boards, but in most cases with rotting, you will need to replace the whole fence. Like a cold or a virus, rotting fence boards cause a chain reaction, when one starts to rot, so do the rest.

Loose connections

When looking at your fence, if you notice missing or rusting parts, it may be time to upgrade. Having loose connections between boards means your fence is weak and can become a hazard, both for the chance of it collapsing and for someone stepping on rusting parts. If you notice your fence is starting to come apart, it’s time to update.


When looking at run down buildings, a tall tale sign to tell if they are run down is the discolouration of the building itself. This also goes for your fence. If your fence is losing its colour, chances are it’s run down and in need of some maintenance.

If your fence has one or more of these signs, it is most likely time for an update. Call us for a quote or for tips on the best way to approach your fencing updates.

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