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How can I protect my garden from wildlife this spring?
March 28, 2018

The warm temperatures and sunny skies are on their way to the Fraser Valley, which means the homeowners in cities like Chilliwack and Abbotsford are spending more time in their gardens. Thanks to our region’s mild climate and rich soil, agriculture is a major economic driver and many homeowners and acreage dwellers have also begun to grow their own food. But when you have put hours into weeding your garden, how do you keep out animal pests like deer, rabbits, and raccoons? The answer is great fencing!

Chilliwack, Abbotsford, and Langley are cities that are surrounded by wildlife, so it isn’t unusual to look out the kitchen window in the morning and see deer nibbling on your lettuce. While there is a certain charm in seeing wild animals romping through the garden, most homeowners would rather avoid the problem altogether, which is why it is important that you have the right fencing installed.

What animals are visiting your garden?

The first step in determining what kind of fencing you need for your garden is making a list of the animals that visit it. Do you need to keep deer out of the garden? Are rabbits cause for concern? Do you need a fence that will keep all animals out of the garden? Different animals may require different types of fencing to keep them out of your vegetables.

Deer Fences

If deer are the main culprits in your garden, you will need to have a tall deer fence installed. Because deer are capable of leaping over most standard fences, the fence that you install should ideally be 8 feet high. Because this fence will be protecting your garden, you will want to ensure that the light isn’t blocked, which is where mesh fencing comes in. Some homeowners choose a polyethylene mesh for their deer fence, but a metal mesh will give a nicer look and is more durable, lasting for years.

There are many ways that a fencing contractor like A & G Fencing can help you build a deer fence that is also visually appealing. Wooden details or iron panels at the top of the fence can help add greater visual appeal and they also add a visual barrier that will help keep deer away. Wood designs can also be added in front or behind the metal mesh to add a more aesthetic appeal to the fence.

Rabbit Fences

When it comes to small animals like rabbits and raccoons, you will need to install a fence that is made of a fine mesh. A material like chicken wire is a popular option and can be used in conjunction with other materials if you would rather not have the entire fence made of the mesh.

Because rabbits can dig beneath fences, you will need to bury some of the wire at least 12” beneath the ground at a, L-shaped angle facing out of the garden. This way, if the rabbit tries to dig beneath the fence, they will hit the wire mesh and be prevented from going any further. If you are concerned about other burrowing rodents, you will want to extend the fence 2 feet into the ground.

If rabbits are your only concern for the garden, then your fence will only need to be a few feet high. However, it can sometimes be a good idea to prepare for future pests, so you may want to construct the fence at a taller height. Like with deer fencing, A & G Fencing can help you design a fence that is both practical and beautiful. Utilizing wood elements, we can add in details and material combinations that will keep animals out of the garden while creating a fence that complements your yard and home.

Hiring a professional

If you need to install a garden fence to help keep out wildlife, you may want to consider hiring a fencing contractor. The height of a deer fence may not meet city codes in your area and it can be difficult to install and securely set fence posts for an 8 foot fence. Begin your search for a great fencing company by knowing what to look for in a fencing contractor.

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