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What Type of Fence is the Best for Reducing Noise?

Living in the Lower Mainland usually means lots of noise will be common. Whether you live nearby the Trans-Canada Highway, near downtown, or anywhere really, you are bound to be stuck listening to freight trucks, ambulance and police sirens,...

How to Choose a Gate for your Fence

You have finally chosen the right fencing, but now you have to consider a gate. It can be a tricky choice because of the seemingly endless options. If you keep these tips in mind, you can have an easier experience.   We recommend...

Why Cleaning Your Fence Is Important

With a brand new fence, your whole property looks refreshed. That fresh coat of paint looks like it will take care of the work maintaining your fence for you. If your fence isn’t dirty, why do you have to clean your fence anyway? Cleaning...

Should barbed wire fences be used for animals?

Barbed-wire fences are well-known for keeping intruders out and keeping your property secure. When people see the little barbs placed on a fence, it instantly deters them from attempting to enter an area. The barbed wire fences don’t...

How your fence can be enhanced with technology

After helping people choose the right fence, we take great satisfaction in knowing that it can withstand the test of time. While nothing can replace a solidly built fence, which should last several decades, with rapidly changing technologies,...

How to choose fencing for your livestock

How to choose the best fencing for your livestock For those who own livestock, your animals are an important investment for your livelihood. You spend countless hours raising and nurturing them, which means that it’s imperative to...

What is the best time of year to install a fence?

Every season has its own weather patterns and challenges — rainstorms, snow, ice, sunny days... the list goes on. When it comes to choosing when to have your fence installed, it may seem difficult to figure out the best season to complete...

6 ways to improve your yard before the winter

Watching the snow melt when spring begins is always exciting. Not only does it indicate that the cold days are behind you, but grass, plants, and outdoor features in your yard are revealed again. While the beginning of spring is exciting,...

All you need to know about the different types of farm fencing

How to choose what type of farm fencing you need Deciding on a fence to protect your livestock or crops is a major decision. Not only does it enclose your animals and your property, but your fencing repels any other animals or people from...

How to prevent water damage to your fence.

Water has such a strong impact on our day-to-day lives from fresh drinking water to torrential rainstorms. It’s a powerful force. When it comes to harming our property, not only can it cause water damage to our homes, but our fences...

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