January 9th, 2020How installing a fence on your property benefits your pets

How installing a fence on your property benefits your pets

There are plenty of reasons to add a fence to your property — perhaps you’re protecting livestock, adding security, or you would like more privacy from your neighbours. 

Not only will a fence improve your property, but your pets’ lives will be improved as well. Fences create a safe area where your pets can play and explore while keeping them from wandering too far away and protecting them against potential predators. 

Preventing pets from escaping

Pets can be crafty — whether it’s digging under the fence, pushing through it or climbing over top, they always seem to find a way to get around an obstacle — even a fence! There have even been some reports of dogs opening gate latches with their nose.

To prevent your pets from wandering out of your yard and possibly getting into trouble, there are a few strategies you can use to keep them nice and safe.

When you have a fence installed, be sure that it’s installed tight to the ground. This will limit animals from being able to dig underneath. If doing a chainlink fence, adding a bottom rail and possibly a middle rail on your fence is very effective.

Bigger dogs and other animals pose a threat to the durability of your fence too. Often, they will push against your fence or try to climb up to see over top. Some can even jump over medium-sized fences if they’re motivated enough.

It’s imperative to have a tall fence that is built tight to the ground and is durable enough to withstand a large playful dog or other animals. If your pets are easily excitable by passersby, you may want to consider making your fence a privacy fence to keep them from getting too enthusiastic.

Benefits of a fenced yard for your pet

Not only does a fenced yard provide safety to your pet, but it is healthy for them as well. Instead of being cooped up inside all day, waiting to go for a walk, you can let your pets outside at varying times of the day without much of a hassle, and you don’t need to worry about them. 

Your pets will get plenty of exercise while also being able to explore their surroundings at their own leisure because they can run around unimpeded by a leash or chain. If it’s a nice sunny day, you may witness them basking in the sun on the grass. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? 

The most important benefit of having a fenced yard is that your pets have more freedom to explore whenever they like. This is very helpful for their mental and physical health because they can run, play, sniff, and go to the bathroom as they see fit. They won’t be stuck inside all day waiting for you to take them to the park or on a walk. Instead, you can simply open the door and know that they are in a safe enclosure. 

What are your pet-friendly fencing options?

When you begin the fence installation process, be sure to take your pet’s behaviour and activity into account. 

Are they easily excitable and curious? Can they jump high? 

For a tall, private fence, wood or vinyl may be the best option for you. Aesthetically pleasing, private, and not easily climbable - these fences are wonderful additions to your yard while also being effective at keeping your pets from getting into trouble.

If you go with a picket fence design, then take into account the spacing of the planks and fence posts. Pets that are curious have no problem trying to stuff themselves through smaller cracks to explore. The spacing between the pickets can be made smaller to help with this.

When it comes to durability, chainlink and wrought iron fences are ideal. Although, take into account that they’re not as private as wood and vinyl fences. While you may want privacy for yourself from your neighbours, it may actually be better for your pet as well if they get too excited when they see someone new.

For more information or any inquiries about fencing in the Fraser Valley, contact us today and let us know how we can improve your yard with a high-quality and pet-friendly fence.

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