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What do I need to know before installing a swimming pool fence in the Fraser Valley?
May 9, 2018

A swimming pool is one of those wonderful backyard luxuries that people dream of. A place to relax and entertain family and friends while beating the summer heat and keeping active. But while many people spend their time focusing on the pool itself, A & G Fencing is focused on creating swimming pool fences that offer safety, convenience, and good looks that compliment your home and backyard living area.

Most cities and districts have bylaws that govern swimming pool enclosures so it is important to be familiar with the laws in your area before you begin designing your fence, including the need for building permits. Below are just some of the requirements for Chilliwack, Langley, and Abbotsford.


  • Swimming pools must be fully enclosed by a fence or must have a safety cover that is properly secured when the pool is not in use. If your swimming pool is in your backyard and the yard is fully fences and meets the minimum requirements below, you may not need a separate fence for your swimming pool.

  • The fence must have a minimum height of 1.2m (4 feet high)

  • Openings in the fence must not be greater than 10cm (4 inces)

  • The fence should be kept in good condition to prevent the entry of people and animals

  • Gates within the fence must be a minimum of 1.2m (4 feet) high

  • Gates must have a self-closing and locking latch

  • The maximum gap or opening between the fence and gate, as well as the gate itself, is 10cm (4 inches)

  • See the complete bylaw regulations on the City of Chilliwack’s website


  • Private swimming pools must be fully enclosed with a fence that surrounds either the pool itself or any portion of the property that the swimming pool is located within

  • The swimming pool fence must be at least 1.2m (4 ft) high

  • Gaps and openings within the fence can not be any larger than 10cm (4 inches)

  • No part, attachment, or opening within the fence should facilitate climbing (horizontal slats are out!)

  • The pool must be visible through the fence if the fence is constructed around the swimming pool itself.

  • Gates must be equipped with self-closing mechanisms that allow the gates to return to a locked position.

  • Gates need to be secured with spring locks that are secured at least 1.05m (3 ft, 6 in) above grade. These locks should be located on the pool side of the fence only.

  • If the enclosure includes part of your home and doors or windows access the pool, you need to have physical controls, signage, warning systems, supervision protocols, or admin procedures that prevent small children and non-swimmers from entering the pool unsupervised.

  • A minimum 1.2m (4 ft) walkway between the pool and the fence must be provided.

  • Read the complete bylaw regulations on the City of Abbotsford website.


  • A fence or structure must be used to enclose swimming pools

  • The fence used to enclose the pool must be at least 1.07m (3 ft, 6 in) high

  • Gaps and openings within the fence can not be greater than 10cm (4 inches)

  • The fence must be designed so that there are not horizontal attachments or pieces between 10cm (4 inches) and 90cm (3 ft) high. This is to prevent people or animals from climbing the fence.

  • All gates must be self-closing or self-latching and must be securely latched when not in use.

  • Any gate latches or locks must be located on the pool side of the fence.

  • Latches must be located at least 22cm (8.6 inches) from the top of the gate.

  • Latches must be a minimum of 45cm from any openings in the door, gate, or fence.

  • Read the full bylaw restrictions and provisions for wire mesh fencing on the City of Langley Website.

Having a fence around your swimming pool is an important part of keeping children, pets, and people safe. The money invested in secure fencing for your pool area will provide peace of mind and may even help to prevent tragedy.

If you would like some more information on your fencing options or requirements for swimming pool enclosures, you can contact us at 604-794-3181.

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