August 16th, 2021How to maintain your fence

How to maintain your fence

Fences are some of the most useful pieces of structure in a house. They don’t just protect your home, but also provide a sense of completeness and beauty. That being said, fences can be tricky to maintain if they’re left uncared for.

If you want to make your fence last as long as possible, there are a few things to keep in mind. As fences differ in type and quality, it’s important to know what methods to use for each kind of fence so you can properly maintain its appearance and prevent damage such as peeling paint, rust, or rot.


A general rule-of-thumb is to only use high-quality wood for your fences, such as our Canadian Cedar wood, which significantly extends the fence’s lifespan.

One way to prevent any rot is by staining the fence upon installation to preserve its appearance and function. If you don’t want to take on the project, A & G Fencing offers ready-to-install fencing that is pre-stained. To keep up on maintenance, we recommend staining your fence every 2-3 years.

Another alternative to staining is applying paint to your fence, but this method commonly causes peeling, so you’ll have to keep topping it periodically. It’s best to paint fences when the weather is dry and relatively warm.


Chain-link fencing tends to rust if not treated properly, which is why it’s important to apply a rust-resistant coating at least once a year. You need to pay special attention to the area along the ground because the moisture from grass and dirt is most likely to create rust there. To give your fence a shine, plain or soapy water is a cost-efficient solution, but wax polish can make an even bigger difference.

Lastly, as aesthetically-pleasing as planting flowers and vines on a chain-link fence can be, it can cause issues. The plants can grow through the links and result in an elevated fence or it can even begin to break if the growth is too erratic. Make sure you check for any seedlings that could be stuck at the bottom to prevent the damage.


Like chain-link fences, Vinyl fences require minimal effort to ensure that they’re long-lasting. If you have a vinyl fence in your yard or you’re considering an installation, it will be cost efficient to keep up on. Garden hoses can be used to remove any dirt or grass clippings before they latch on and start caking from the heat.

If a garden hose isn’t an option, or if your fencing needs a little more cleaning, then mild bleach can be very effective. Using a soft brush, you can apply it to areas that need more extensive cleaning. Alternatively, you can also use a grease remover in order to touch up any stains.


Waxing your fence upon installation will go a long way in preventing rust, but if you do find your fence rusting, you can use a rust convertor in order to begin restoring the fence. Alternatively, you can use sandpaper or a fine wire brush with nonionic detergent to remove previous signs of rusting.

Consider painting your fence with oil-based paint intended for metals in order to cover up any areas that were previously affected by rust. You can maintain the colour by washing the fence with soap water or detergent at least once a month. It’s imperative to check your fence at least once a year to ensure that you can take restorative measures before any damage gets too serious.

All of these methods are some of the easiest and trusted ways for you to ensure that your fence remains high-functioning and looks excellent for a long time. Our experienced and knowledgeable team at A&G Fencing is family-owned and operated since 1987. We offer quality workmanship to create long-lasting and premium custom fences to best suit your style and needs at affordable rates, making us the right choice for you.

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