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What are the best options for a swimming pool fence?
July 11, 2018

When it comes to installing a secure fence around your swimming pool, it can seem like the options are endless. While some design requirements will be dictated by bylaws and safety protocol, there are still other options to consider, including material, design style, and your family’s needs.

At A&G Fencing, we take your family’s safety and security very seriously, but we also understand that you still want your fence to look good. Below are some options to help you choose the right swimming pool fence.

Vinyl fencing for swimming pools

Given their primary purpose, it should come as no surprise that swimming pools may present some unique challenges when it comes to fencing. Vinyl or PVC fencing is a great option for enclosing your pool area as it is low in maintenance and is not affected by water. A taller picket-style fence may be used to enclose your pool area, providing a bright clean look with moderate visibility and good security for pets and children.

Ornamental iron fencing for swimming pools

A popular choice for homeowners, an ornamental iron fence offers an elegant option for enclosing your private pool. It is extremely durable and, with regular maintenance, it stands up well to harsh weather and the wet conditions that come along with pools. With narrow pickets, wrought iron fences offer excellent sight lines for increased safety and supervision of the swimming pool area, without compromising the look of your home and yard.

Glass fencing for swimming pools

While glass is an expensive option for fencing your swimming pool area, it can be a great option for modern homes. As glass is completely transparent, this option offers the best visual sight lines to the pool, though frequent cleaning needs make glass a high-maintenance choice.

Wood fencing for swimming pools

Wood remains a popular option for most fencing needs, and while it is not used as frequently for poolside applications, it may still be a good option for your home. A nice design with vertical slats or pickets can help to reflect the look of your existing property fencing. However, wood is not waterproof, so your new swimming pool enclosure will need to be treated and regularly maintained to prevent weather and water damage.

There are many design and material options available when it comes to constructing a swimming pool fence enclosure. The team at A&G Fencing would be happy to discuss your options with you and help you get the security you need with the look you want. Contact us today for more information.

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