July 16th, 2018What is the best type of fencing for security?

What is the best type of fencing for security?

One of the main benefits of installing a fence on your property is the security and peace of mind that it provides.

Almost every type of fencing offers some form of protection, but some offer more than others. Here are some things to consider when installing a fence for security purposes.



Of course, in order to keep your property secure, you want to install a fence that is durable, stable and strong. Most types of fencing are designed with durability in mind, but it’s important to ensure that the materials are high quality and that the installation is done properly.

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Wood fencing is a durable option as long as it is properly maintained. Vinyl fencing is also durable and requires less upkeep to stay that way. The smooth surfaces also make them difficult to climb over.

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Chainlink and iron fencing are also strong and dependable options, and require little upkeep.



One of the most important features of a security fence is its height. Regardless of the materials you choose, make sure that your fence is tall enough that it is not easily surmountable - at least 6 feet high is recommended.

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At A & G Fencing, we can customize your fence to meet your height requirements.



Another very important factor to consider when purchasing a new fence is the visibility it provides. While panelled wood and vinyl fencing are durable and difficult to climb, many people opt for chainlink or iron fencing for security purposes as it offers better visibility.

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Not only is it beneficial to be able to see what’s happening outside of your property, but to reduce the opportunities for intruders to hide within your property. For this reason, chainlink and iron fencing are often considered the optimal choice if security is your main priority.

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While iron fencing is considered more visually appealing, chainlink fencing is more affordable and can be topped with items like barbed wire if added security is needed.

Your security fencing needs will vary depending on your property and your priorities. If you would like help choosing the right type of fence for your specific needs in the Fraser Valley area, contact us - we would be happy to help!


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