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The benefits of having a high quality fence
April 2, 2019

Fencing is a long-term investment. While lower quality fencing may be cheaper at first, you will spend more money and time repairing and replacing damages than the initial cost of a higher quality fence.

Committing to your fence by thinking about the long-term investment will give you more peace of mind. Not only will it look better, high quality fences will actually end up saving you money in repair, replacement, landscaping, livestock management, and more.

Repair versus replacement

Knowing whether or not your fence only needs repairs or if it needs to be completely replaced can be difficult to pinpoint. With a low quality fence, you will find yourself asking this question frequently.

If you use weaker material, there will be flaws that weather, animals, insects, and plants can exploit. An improperly treated or installed wood fence can crack easier and, with exposure to moisture and animals, there will be even more damage to the boards, posts, and the overall fence. Warping and splintering will occur, and you will have yet another repair, or even a replacement, on your hands.

If you have a large area that is fenced with lower quality material, it will be more imperative to check each and every post on your rounds to catch problem areas early. A high quality fence will still need maintenance, but there will be a lot less damage per season, you will see warning signs a lot sooner, and the fence will last a lot longer overall.

More durable and effective

Not only does high quality material last longer and have less flaws, but fences need to be built properly. A fence is made up of a lot of small parts, but when they are put together correctly, all of these parts come together into a durable, cohesive whole.

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When you have higher quality craftsmanship, fences are even more effective. Any wildlife and unwanted trespassing will be further deterred by a more effective and stronger fence. If you’re a farmer, your livestock will be more secure and the weather won’t be able to cause as much damage.

Your investments are protected even more

No matter what you’re trying to put a fence around, you’re trying to protect it. It’s an investment of some sort for you, whether it’s livestock, crops, your home, a business, or all of the above. To keep this safe you should put your best fence forward.

Higher quality materials don’t need as many repairs and maintenance each season — you will replace pieces or the entire fence less often and better craftsmanship will provide even more protection for your investments. With all of these factors combined, a higher quality fence will cost you less money in the long run while providing you more peace of mind and a safer property.

At A & G Fencing, we only offer the highest quality materials and services. For more information and inquiries about fencing in Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, or elsewhere in the Fraser Valley, contact A & G Fencing here.

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