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What Type of Fence is the Best for Reducing Noise?
February 9, 2021

Living in the Lower Mainland usually means lots of noise will be common. Whether you live nearby the Trans-Canada Highway, near downtown, or anywhere really, you are bound to be stuck listening to freight trucks, ambulance and police sirens, construction and maybe your next-door neighbour’s loud music in the backyard and more.

Although it’s virtually impossible to “sound-proof” a yard, you certainly can reduce the noise by installing the proper fence.

The truth is that the thicker, taller, and more solid the fence is, the more noise that will be reduced, since soundwaves are deflected by the density of an object. That includes brick, masonry walls, stone, and more. The downfall is that these fence types aren’t cheap and have a lengthy installation time.

The next best, more practical option for homeowners is a solid, tall wooden fence. It’s cost-effective, aesthetically-pleasing and reliable.

Solid fencing - These fences shouldn’t have any gaps or spaces in the paneling or bottom of the fence because the noise will pass right through the areas of least resistance. With full-coverage, your fence will get the most noise-resistance it can.

Height - The taller the fence, the less space there is for noise to escape through. It’s one of the biggest factors in noise-reduction. Often there are many rules regarding fence heights because it can cause issues for a driver’s line of sight, for example. If you build a fence as high as the laws allow, you will still get as much reduction as possible.

Thickness - Another excellent option is to thicken your fence as opposed to building it up (or both). With increased fence density, a majority of the noise will be blocked. For additional soundproofing, Mass-Loaded Vinyl can be attached between the fence’s wooden panels.

By taking these tips into consideration, you will be able to decide on the best fence for you. Our team at A & G Fencing is more than happy to help you find the right fence and answer any questions you may have. We provide fencing services for commercial, residential and agricultural properties for those looking to install fencing.


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