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How do I waterproof my wood fence?
January 31, 2018

With the rain already settling in for the spring, waterproofing your fence might be one of those things you’ve been meaning to do for the last couple of months, but just never got to. Don’t worry, it’s not too late! Water can wreak havoc on wood, causing it to warp, crack and rot in a short period of time. A quick coat of sealer can work wonders in extending a fence’s life.


Do I need to seal my fence?

First of all, you can do a simple test to see if your fence even needs sealing. Most paints and stains have an active sealing ingredient, so you may already be covered. Just splash some water on the fence, if it beads on the surface it’s good to go, but if it quickly soaks into the wood and makes it a darker tone then you need to consider a sealer.

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Prep the surface

As before painting or staining, you need to give the fence a quick clean. You can use a wood cleaner (not stripper) and a soft brush to scrub the wood and remove any surface dirt or mold, or a pressure washer to give it a quick rinse.

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Apply water sealant or wax polish

Waterproofing sealant can go directly on previously treated, stained or painted wood as well as untreated. Most sealants are silicone-rubber based, but the acrylic-latex base has proven to last a bit longer. Not only does the sealant waterproof the wood, but it protects it from cracking and fading in the sunlight. Just be sure to wear protective gloves and glasses while applying the product either by garden sprayer or brush.

Sealing wax polish goes one step further in creating a barrier that repels not only water, but dirt and dust as well. It can hide blemishes such as cracks or dents, and keep your fence looking clean and new.

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If you don’t have time to stain or paint before winter sets in, consider throwing on a quick coat of sealant. It protects your fence from permanent damage and keeps it looking like new through those grey months.

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