July 7th, 2020How to choose fencing for your livestock

How to choose fencing for your livestock

How to choose the best fencing for your livestock

For those who own livestock, your animals are an important investment for your livelihood. You spend countless hours raising and nurturing them, which means that it’s imperative to protect them in every way possible. This is where a properly constructed fence that is designed specifically for your type of livestock comes in.

Not only does a fence keep your livestock enclosed and unable to wander away, but it can halt any predators from trying to attack them. While the type of fence will depend on what livestock you have, the fence needs to be constructed properly in order to be effective.

Evaluate your property

Before you start putting together your fence, you have to determine what style of fence would suit your livestock, as well as your property, best. Ask yourself, what kind of obstacles are there that may hinder a fence? These could include creeks, trees, boulders, buildings, or something else that should be taken into account before construction begins. 

Also, do you have plans to expand in the future?

If you want to grow your property and the amount of livestock you raise, then be sure to take that into account. Perhaps building a large fenced off area with a few sectioned off enclosures is the best strategy for you.

Picking the right fence

When it comes to choosing the perfect fence to protect your livestock, there are quite a few options available. From picking the right post, wire, and fencing style, you’ve got a few decisions ahead of you.

First of all, what type of livestock is your fence going to be protecting? 

A few common farm fencing options that can handle most livestock include post and rail, snake rail, or wire fences. If you have cattle and horses, then snake rail can be quite effective. Post and rail are great for large animals whereas wire fences protect small to medium livestock very well.

When it comes to choosing the best wire to attach to your fence, there are a few different options, such as barbed, woven, welded, and more. To have an effective farm fence, be sure to choose the right wire, posts, and design before construction.

Construction mistakes

When it comes to the building stage of your fence, there are a few common mistakes that some people make due to a lack of experience. It’s important to have your fence properly constructed because if your fence isn’t effective, your livestock will be able to get through the fence, injure themselves by getting stuck, or get attacked by predators who found an opening. 

Corner posts can be undersized or not installed deep enough, fence posts can be placed too close or too far away from each other, gate openings can be improperly installed, the list goes on. 

Proper farm fencing to protect your livestock is paramount. Not only can A & G Fencing construct and install your farm fence properly, but we can suggest the best design to suit your needs. For more information or any inquiries for livestock and farm fencing in the Fraser Valley, contact us today.

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