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What are the most popular types of wood fences?
February 7, 2018

Variety is the spice of life and that goes for fences too. Over the centuries, different styles of wood fences have come in and out of fashion, but these days it seems like just about anything goes.

A well-built and well-designed privacy wood fence can not only keep your children and pets safe, it can also offer some much needed privacy from the eyes of prying neighbours. Of course, the right wooden fence will also offer you more security, offering another barrier between would-be thieves and your home.

Consider your needs and the style of your home and then let your imagination, or our fencing experts, be your guide!

Here are five of the most common wood fence styles.


Privacy Fence

Perhaps the most common type of fence in backyards across North America, the Lock Board fence is coveted for its practicality. It’s simplistic design makes it versatile for all types of homes and property challenges and with its tightly-spaced boards, this wood fence also offers great privacy and protection for pets and children.


Semi-Privacy Fence

This fencing is a great option as it is both practical and moderately decorative. While the boards can be placed tightly together to help maintain privacy, the gaps in the fence allow breeze to pass through, which you may find helpful in the hot summer months.


Picket Fence

Perhaps the most iconic of all wood fences, the picket fence typically conjures images of idyllic homes and the happy families that live in them. But despite their charming good looks, picket fences are also known to be practical, marking your property and keeping children and small pets in (or out of) your yard.


Lattice Fence and Lattice-Detail Fence

A fence made entirely of wooden lattice may not offer the most privacy, but they are classic and beautiful to look at. They also provide a great backdrop for plants and climbing vines. When lattice is added to the top of a privacy fence, you can achieve a fence that has simple design detail with the privacy and security too.


Post and Rail Fence

While not commonly used in residential areas, post and rail fences are popular with those with rural properties. Because they are simplistic in design and use minimal amounts of material per square foot, post and rail fences allow large areas to be properly fenced, helping to protect horses, cattle, and other livestock.


Trying to decide which type of wood fencing would be best for your property in the Fraser Valley? Contact us today, we would be happy to help! 

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